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Venue Rental

The Bourbon Hall
116 W Jefferson St
Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 290-7434

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Rental Guidelines and Policies for the Bourbon Hall

    Rental Agreement

  1. Contracts for the use of the Bourbon Hall shall be issued in print form only. NO verbal agreements shall be binding upon either party. A Facility Rental Contract must be completed and signed by one of The Bourbon Hall LLC’s members and the person(s) who is legally and financially responsible for the event.

  2. The Bourbon Hall reserves the right to decline to rent or prohibit the use of the facility on a case by case basis.

  3. The Bourbon Hall shall remain the custodian for all ticketing sales. The lessee cannot charge admission for the exhibition of any performance, film or digital media of any kind without express written consent from the Bourbon Hall.

  4. Lessee agrees to furnish the Bourbon Hall with a Certificate of Insurance showing proof of $500,000 in general liability coverage and $150,000 in personal injury coverage, naming the Bourbon Hall. as an additional insured. This must be received no less than seven days prior to the event.

  5. Lessee waives and releases all legal claims against the Bourbon Hall., related in any way to this rental. Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold the Bourbon Hall harmless from all legal claims that may arise from this rental, including but not limited to claims for: 1) loss of personal property, 2) damage to personal property, or 3) personal injury of Lessee, Lessee’s guests, employees or agents, or any third party.

  6. A “rental day” is determined as occurring between the hours of 8 am and 12 midnight. Any use of the facility outside those parameters must be negotiated with the venue management prior to the signing of the Facility Rental Contract. If the event goes beyond midnight, a rental overtime charge of $100 per hour will be assessed, and hourly labor rates will double.

  7. Rental Deposit

  8. Rental dates are only secure upon receipt of signed contract and a deposit of $__________. At the completion of the rental event, this deposit will be deducted from the final invoice. This deposit will not be refunded; however it can be credited to future dates if the event is rescheduled within twelve months. Any event cancelled less than thirty days prior to the scheduled date will result in the loss of the deposit.

  9. Rental Payment

  10. A written estimate can be supplied with the Facility Rental Agreement. However, the estimate is not an invoice and the actual rental total may exceed the estimate. The estimate is provided as a courtesy and is not binding as the final invoice amount.

  11. Lessee shall pay the total rental payment balance due on or before the day of the event.

  12. Removal Of Property

  13. Lessees are required to remove all property from the premises immediately following the event unless arrangements have been made with the Technical Director for removal at another time. There are no exceptions to this rule. The Bourbon Hall will not insure the safety of any property left in the building after an event. Property not collected within 10 days will be disposed of as necessary.

  14. Technical Personnel and Equipment

  15. Lessees will be required to hire a minimum of two (2) technicians from the venue’s technical crew. These workers, chosen by the venue’s Technical Director, operate and supervise lighting, sound and backstage management. Their hours are calculated at the close of the event and added to the final billing. The Technical Director has the authority to increase or decrease this crew based on the demands of the rental event.

  16. Only Bourbon Hall staff and crew may operate any Bourbon Hall technical equipment, including, but not limited to lighting, sound, projection and the venue’s stage rigging system. All technical needs should be provided to the Technical Director no less than two weeks prior to the event.

  17. Lessee is responsible for the set up and removal of any personal and event-specific equipment, including, but not limited to, decorations, drops, signage, computers, catering, and any additional stage equipment not in the Bourbon Hall’s inventory.

  18. The Bourbon Hall provides, as part of its technical service, a backstage supervisor. This crew member is charged with the safety and timely execution of the event from backstage, including the fly system and dressing rooms. This employee is NOT an event stage manager. The lessee must provide its own personnel to facilitate the event in conjunction with the Bourbon Hall crew.


  20. Lessees wishing to use the facility for a concert event must contract the sound rig—including its installation, engineering and removal with the Bourbon Hall’s in-house production team. The Bourbon Hall may negotiate this arrangement when feasible

  21. The Bourbon Hall has the right to deny any performance that does not adhere to local law.

  22. A sound reproduction limit of 200db is enforced.


  24. Custodial services prior to, during, and after each event are the responsibility of the Bourbon Hall. This includes trash removal, restroom maintenance, and the cleaning of the auditorium. If it is determined that cleanup after an event is excessive, the Bourbon Hall reserves the right to attach an additional $500 cleaning charge to the final rental invoice.

  25. A lobby manager provided by the lessor is required for security purposes.

  26. All ticket-takers, ushers, box office cashiers, doormen, promotional duties, catering, decoration, etc., are the responsibility of the lessee unless other arrangements have been made with the Lessor prior to the event.


  28. The Bourbon Hall will sell tickets for rental events on a limited basis, and only if the sales are for general admission. Tickets will be sold through the Bourbon Hall’s business office from 1 to 5 pm weekdays only. Please note: this does not include selling tickets at the door prior to the event.

  29. Permission from the Bourbon Hall’s Executive Director must be granted before releasing the Bourbon Hall Venue’s phone number on ticket sales information.


  31. The Bourbon Hall will always reserve the right to issue up to 50 comp tickets to any show. These comp tickets may be distributed to our venue team and our partners for promotional purposes. Naturally, this policy will exclude weddings, corporate events or any other non-public, non-ticketed event.


  33. The Bourbon Hall Venue shall retain all concessions (food & drink) sales rights and privileges. The management retains the right to refuse concessions sales at any event. Lessees are NOT allowed to sell their own concessions under any circumstance without the consent of the Bourbon Hall management.


  35. When the lessee opts to sell merchandise during the rental period, the Bourbon Hall is in no way responsible for the set-up and management of these activities. Currently, the Bourbon Hall does not assess any fee for lessee merchandise sales.


  37. During residence, the lessee shall be responsible for any damages to or any loss of Bourbon Hall equipment, furnishings, or fixtures. Please do not move any furniture or attach signs or decorations to any part of the building without approval from the venue’s Technical Director.

  38. While in residence, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children must not be left unattended and must not roam the building unattended.

  39. The following rules are strictly enforced:

    1. No glass containers of any kind in the auditorium without prior approval.

    2. No helium-filled balloons.

    3. No metallic confetti.

    4. During residence for rehearsals, the balcony is closed.

    5. During rehearsals, no food or drink is allowed inside the auditorium seating area.

    6. No food is allowed backstage at any time. Only water may be consumed backstage and it must be in a spillproof container.

    7. No painting is allowed in the venue

    8. Nothing may be affixed to the stage floor. This includes the use of screws, nails & adhesive.


  41. The use of fire, candles, pyrotechnics and other flammables are approved on an individual basis and require a fire permit from the City of Louisville. The venue’s Technical Director can make this application upon request. If you intend to burn candles or use any type of pyrotechnic fire effect, you must notify the venue no less than 2 weeks prior to your event. The Bourbon Hall will secure a fire permit, and this nominal fee will be attached to your bill.

  42. The following are the fire code regulations enforced for all occupancy of the venue:

    1. There is absolutely no smoking in any part of the building at any time.

    2. No parking in the yellow zone in front of the venue except for immediate loading and unloading of equipment and/or passengers

    3. Main exit doors must remain unobstructed at all times

    4. Auditorium exit doors must remain unobstructed at all times.

    5. No seating of any kind is allowed in the auditorium aisles and all aisles must be unobstructed for the entirety of the event.

    6. Rear auditorium fire exits, both floor and balcony level, must be free of any obstructions at all times.

    7. No parking is allowed in the alley behind the venue except during loading and unloading of equipment.

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